Type/Model: SV.002


Reference No: OSE – 15-0517/01


This equipment is a best alternative for classic ABB.

The CCBL® ABB uses passive tank without any anchor agitator or stirrer inside and without any heating jacket. For this solution we use special version of CCBL® Jet+ (Jet-in-Tank), installed inside of the tank. This solution developed exactly for in-tank usage and provides best-in-class blending and homogenization of lubricants and coolants. Turnkey solution, with built-in software allows manufacturers to quick start producing of finished products. Reduction of time of production cycle as well as cutting costs for energy, heating and optimization of inventory and raw materials park allows to achieve unique short period of return on investment (ROI).

The package includes:

  • passive steel tank 5-25 m3;
  • set of load cells for measurement of liquid volume;
  • module CCBL® Jet+
  • gear pump + motor (11kW);
  • filling and production software

Algorithm of production

Filling and pre-mix. Step 1


Base oils and additives fills blending tank based on pre-selected in software by the operator recipe and the volume of the batch. After filling the tank to 30% of the batch volume software automatically turns-on pre-mixing process, in which the equipment is operating in a special mode designed to make the raw material homogeneous. This process works until batch is filled to 100%.

CCBL® “COLD” Blending. Step 2


Once the tank is filled to 100% of the set volume, the CCBL® ABB equipment automatically goes into the main blending phase. Recommended average temperature of raw materials in the blending process should be not less than +20 Co. Depending on the set formulation and the feed temperature, the software automatically determines the time and other parameters necessary to achieve maximum homogenization and highest quality of finished product.

Unloading the tank. Step 3


After the completion of the main blending phase finished products are sent to the packing line, without any time loss for cooling.

Rinsing. Step 4


After the blending process the CCBL® ABB tank may be cleaned by virgin base as per manufacturer recommendation.

The advantages of using CCBL® ABB (Table 3.)


Table 4 shows how replacement of classic ABB by CCBL® ABB can be efficient in terms of quantity of ABB 10 m³ units for 20,000 MT production plan – 3 units of CCBL® ABB can do the same job instead of 7 units of classic ABB.


CCBL® ABB — key advantages

The advantages of using CCBL® ABB:

  • Reducing electricity costs up to 90%
  • Reducing heating cost of raw materials during the blending process to Zero
  • Reducing Inventories of the Raw Materials;
  • Reducing blending time due high production capacity of CCBL® Jet+ (30 MT/h);
  • Reduction of labor costs per produced unit;
  • High quality of lubricants and coolants, due to superior level of homogenization
  • Fast and easy installation
  • High production flexibility – small (<5MT), big (>5MT) batches on the same line;
  • Finished product on outlet, means no need re-blending;
  • No moving parts inside of CCBL® ABB, no mechanical destruction
  • Immediate profitability increase;
  • CAPEX savings
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