The present lubricant market puts a more and more stringent requirements for the products quality. The constant increase of specialized oils types and complexity of its formulations requires high flexibility and quality of production from manufacturers as well as constant operational cost reduction to have competitive advantages, best service and prices.


CCBL® Jet — for today’s market this module is the most advanced solution of our company. It has been created with the aim to make modernization of blending plant as simple as possible. The module can be installed outside of blending reactor, that makes modernization very easy and flexible.

The CCBL® ABB uses passive tank without any anchor agitator or stirrer inside and without any heating jacket. For this solution we use special version of CCBL® Jet+ (Jet-in-Tank), installed inside of the tank. This solution developed exactly for in-tank usage and provides best-in-class blending and homogenization of lubricants and coolants. Turnkey solution, with built-in software allows manufacturers to quick start producing of finished products. Reduction of time of production cycle as well as cutting costs for energy, heating and optimization of inventory and raw materials park allows to achieve unique short period of return on investment (ROI).

The CCBL® IMBP (Integrated Mobile Blending Plant).


A new look for the opening of a new production of lubricants and the creation of global business anywhere in the world with a high level of mobility and CAPEX saving on start.

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